Tis the Season

Here we are in December & as flowers are no longer blooming we farmhers have to find other ways to keep ourselves busy.  We all know wreaths & fresh greens go hand in hand with the holidays so of course I got busy.

20191129_123633Between foraging and finding a local source for greens, all live materials were 100% all Missouri grown! The dogwood branches were store bought, only because it was a spontaneous weekend task & I hadn’t had time to search.

IMG_20191129_155906_675.jpgBy using grapevine for the base of the wreath & tabletop centerpiece it created an almost entirely compostable piece and what isn’t can all be re-used. I enjoyed making these and, I hope you all like them enough to take them home to your families. If you’re local you can find these on the marketplace! The holidays are creeping up on us fast, so I will be preoccupied as I’m sure everyone else will be too, but I want to wish ya’ll a Merry Christmas & please make the most of every minute you have with your loved ones this holiday season. After all, they are the greatest gift of all.

till next time…




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