Dog Days of Summer

Hard to believe that July is gone and we are only 53 days from fall.  As the summer blooms slowly fade away we have started to concentrate on fall offerings.  So far Calendula is starting to take off, pumpkins are turning orange and we have seeds in the ground for ornamental kale crane, gourds and pumpkins on a stick.  With gardening you have to always be looking ahead. 

Don’t forget to follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook to see where I might be or what I have to offer.  Recently I have attended both the Warrensburg and Warsaw Farmer’s Markets and had an online pop up sale. 20190731_140956

Besides doing the markets I stumbled across a craft called hapa-zome in which you can use flowers to dye/imprint on material.  Of course I had to try it so I choose to do the method on silk scarves and wow, how beautiful.  If you know me at all, you know I love finding new lives for old things so when I read about hapa-zome I knew I found another purpose for otherwise spent blooms.  So I dyed scarves using only flowers grown on our farm & I couldn’t be more proud to wear one myself and pass some along to my favorite people. 

20190725_202317If you’re interested in one for yourself you can find them on my Etsy site.

Besides the flowers, the bees have been working hard at growing their colonies.  One hive has done exceedingly well and the other has lost and replaced a queen so they are off to a slow start.  Even though we weren’t expecting honey this year we were hopeful we might get just a little.  By this time next year we should have some to offer ya.  Good things come in time and mother nature can not be rushed.

On a little side note, this past weekend I turned 40 and I am feeling very blessed to be able to follow my passion and keep learning new things.  I appreciate everyone who has  supported me on this journey and crazy dream I’ve had.  Way too often we fail to slow down and just smell the flowers.

’til next time…

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