Blooming Bouquets

After a horrendously cold winter, flooding spring & now a heat wave- we are making progress!  Today I am offering a pop up sale & bouquets can be picked up in downtown Warrensburg until 5pm.  These blooms were picked last night and ready for you to enjoy today.  Literally field to vase in less than 24 hours.  In case you didn’t know- about 80% of flowers in the United States are imported, YES 80%.  They are cut, processed with who knows what, flown in and then made available for sale to the public.  When you buy local you know where your product came from and that you are supporting someones dream plus the local economy.  All of our flowers were started from seeds in the dead of winter and have been lovingly tendered to ever since using only natural pest and fertilizer treatments.  I wanted to offer farm fresh flowers and I wanted to do so in an environment as natural as I could.  Maybe that’s why our flowers are running a little behind, but I am not griping as they are blooming as mother nature intended and on her clock. 20190718_214022

If you are in the area today and looking for some flowers, please let me know.  I hope they can bring someone else as much joy as they have brought me.  As a side note, please try to be mindful when you are out and about and really think where your product comes from.  If you can buy local (grown not flown) you really are supporting someones dream and decreasing the carbon footprint by keeping it local.

Keep watching Facebook and/or Instagram for updates on any upcoming pop up sales.  If you are close to me and interested in picking some up directly from the farm, please check with me on availability.

Until next time…

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