Start of a New Season

The last couple months I have been busy starting seeds in the greenhouse, but now the hard work truly begins as we transition outside.  So far we have built 3 beds for annuals and 2 beds for perennials.  Anemone, ranunculus, allium, amaranth, sweet peas, cosmos, zinnia, eucalyptus, bells of ireland, snapdragons, pussy willow, ilex, forsythia, peony, dahlia, mums and lily have been started outside. That’s just the first round, and we have many more to go.  Look forward to bunny tails, craspedia, breadseed poppy, china aster, celosia, sunflowers and more.


The season hasn’t even truly began and I’m already trying to figure out where I want my fall crops.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting year.  It’s hard to believe that May is almost here already.  In March I started hanging baskets thinking they would not be ready by Mother’s Day, but to my disbelief here they are ready for new homes. 


That’s the update folks.  Until next time, enjoy these beauties…


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